Our Coaches

To help you get the most out of CrossFit we’ve assembled a top-notch group of coaches.  Part of training is motivation.  Motivation comes easy when you see instructors who are passionate about what they do.

Motivated, effective training.  Head in the right direction with CrossFit Due North.

Owner / Coach

Brad Giglio

Brad began working out in high school where he found a passion for fitness and working with others. He realized that fitness and health were his true passions so he studied to become an Athletic Trainer. He has his degree in Exercise Science and many other like certifications to help round out his 15 years of Health and Wellness experience. Read More

Owner / Coach

Josh Holton

Josh has been active his entire life, but it really wasn’t until he started college and joined a maritime academy that he discovered the weight room. While creating music (he is a drum fanatic) had to take a backseat to his studies, solace was found in the local gym between classes with a few friends. Read More


Jessica Holton

Jessica has always loved a hard-earned sweat. Growing up she participated in any sport she could, including basketball, volleyball, and track. After college, a friend convinced her to sign up for her first 10k. Soon 10k’s turned into half marathons and then into triathlons. Read More

Coach / Nutrition

Alysia Boynton

Alysia grew up playing sports; soccer, softball, basketball, and jumping horses. “I have always been tomboy at heart” Alysia says.  In high school, she took a weightlifting class for girls and fell in love!  After years and years of working out at a traditional gym and taking kettlebell classes, she wanted more.  Read More


Theresa O’Boyle

Theresa has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years starting out as a group exercise instructor and personal trainer.  Her love of health and fitness was devloped later in life after having her first two children and realizing how important taking care of yourself is.  Read More


Derek Tharp

Dereck has been involved with athletics his entire life.  While participating in multiple sports wrestling became his focus in high school and through college.  During his 22 years of service fighting fires in the city of Detroit, he found CrossFit.   Read More

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