Coach: Josh Holton

Josh has been active his entire life, but it really wasn’t until he started college and joined a maritime academy that he discovered the weight room. While creating music (he is a drum fanatic) had to take a backseat to his studies, solace was found in the local gym between classes with a few friends. This was the typical 5-day split most have experienced, and the results became evident as the weeks went on. So, he kept going! Fast forward nearly 10 years and Josh is more focused than ever in the daily practice of building strength and helping others. Not only does he take training his body seriously, he also puts an intense focus on the mental benefits of training. His enthusiasm is contagious and he loves sharing these meaningful insights with friends and clients alike.  He is an AAPF powerlifting competitor and enjoys showing people the joy of lifting a heavy bar. On top of that he is an avid reader, musician and enjoys shooting video and editing.

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