Coach: Brad Giglio

Brad began working out in high school where he found a passion for fitness and working with others. He realized that fitness and health were his true passions so he studied to become an Athletic Trainer. He has his degree in Exercise Science and many other like certifications to help round out his 15 years of Health and Wellness experience. Given his desire to serve a greater purpose, he joined the military and advanced his knowledge in fitness and began to study nutrition independently. This lead him to becoming a personal trainer and nutrition counselor where he trained everyone from teens to college athletes, to seniors, focusing on weight loss management, performance, and everything in between. Through this journey Brad found CrossFit and Olympic lifting and was drawn to and inspired by those in the community. When not working directly with others he likes to enjoy as much of Northern Michigan has to offer in being out in the elements and doing activities such as hiking, kayaking, fishing, and pretty much anything else that you can to get dirty.

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