Coach: Alysia Boynton

Alysia grew up playing sports; soccer, softball, basketball, and jumping horses. “I have always been tomboy at heart” Alysia says.  In high school, she took a weightlifting class for girls and fell in love!  After years and years of working out at a traditional gym and taking kettlebell classes, she wanted more.  After hearing about CrossFit and wanting so badly to try it for years, she put her nerves and doubts aside, and went for it and never looked back.  She loves that it is always different and you are always competing with yourself to do better than the day before.  Having three kids takes up a lot of her time, but CrossFit is the time she makes for herself ,to make her a happier, healthier person and everyone deserves that time.  She loves CrossFit most because of the people.  “There are days when you can’t even imagine pushing through a workout, but you go anyways, to see your fitness family, and they help you push through and lift you up and before you know it you are done with your workout and in a better place than before you started.”


After several years of CrossFit and accomplishing things she have never thought of, she developed a passion for the Olympic lifts.  She decided to take some time and really focus on learning them and understanding all of their parts.  “When you love something and are excited about something you want to share it with others and that’s where my love of coaching began.”  She loves to help others do things they couldn’t before and found it as rewarding, if not more than PR’ing herself.  “For me, there is nothing better than feeling strong and capable and helping others feel that same way too”. Alysia is also a CrossFit Level 2 certified coach!

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